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Emergency Notification Solution For Crisis Management

When calamity strikes—whether a natural disaster, an act of violence, terrorist activity or a pandemic—fast and reliable communication is critical.

Intelligent Notification helps institutions and agencies alert thousands at once, coordinate response and make decisions that impact lives and property when emergencies strike.
Your agency must be able to quickly alert thousands of people wherever they are and by a wide variety of communication modes. At the same time, first responders must coordinate activities across departments and agencies, mobilizing teams, sharing information and making urgent decisions that impact the lives and property of others.

Intelligent Notification can instantly launch an emergency notification via Web, email or phone to populations of any size across any geographical area. Reach thousands of people in just minutes by a variety of means, including email, mobile phone, SMS message, TTY, BlackBerry Messenger, pager, landline and more, in multiple languages or by a custom method. It reliably delivers an emergency notification to hundreds of thousands of people all over the world simultaneously. When seconds count, you need Intelligent Notification.


Explore Intelligent Notification solutions for business continuity and disaster recovery, business operations, emergency notification, IT alerting, and CRM notification.


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