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CRM Alerting and Mass Notification System

Customer relationship management is critical to business success.

Echo for Salesforce works with your CRM system, letting you alert any number of customers and prospects, quickly and easily, with important information, like product updates, discounts, surveys, special deals, events and more.
CRM systems like Salesforce are great for keeping information organized and easy to access, but they were never designed to be a mass communication tool. In fact, most of them have built in email limitations that can hamper attempts to reach a large number of contacts at once.

With Echo, you’re no longer constrained by the message limits set by Salesforce or other CRM systems. Echo lets you send as few as one, to many thousands of messages to your contacts or leads in just moments. Your contact database will remain intact, safe and secure, within your CRM.

Echo for Salesforce is an application for business professionals with an established database that resides within Salesforce. It is a tool for delivering messages to any number of customers and prospects, quickly and easily, at no additional charge. It is a native Salesforce package, so it follows workflow patterns you’re already familiar with in everyday use of the product, helping you to create more leads, cut costs and improve efficiency.


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