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Software Development Kit

Software Development Kit

The versatile software application toolkit

Easily add notification functionality to existing solutions, whether new, legacy or custom-built.

As an integrator, developer or OEM, you understand the challenges of integrating technologies into an overall solution. Typically, integrating applications requires a lot of programming with specialized knowledge of different operating systems, development languages, middleware and interfaces. The software development kit (SDK) offers a sophisticated solution in the form of a versatile software application toolkit.

The SDK allows you to easily integrate notification capabilities into your software products, giving you a competitive edge by differentiating your solutions and making them smarter and more comprehensive. Your customers will appreciate the additional functionality, thus increasing loyalty and driving revenue.

A versatile development tool

The SDK is a standards-compliant toolset for rapidly prototyping and deploying applications with Intelligent Notification. Consisting of a robust command line interface and a Web services API, the SDK provides everything needed to tightly integrate notification technology into new and legacy applications.

The command line interface is fully documented with syntax and options to allow users to build scripts for machine-to-machine communication and monitoring. Notifications can be launched from a command line interface, and scripts for server and network monitoring can be easily developed to notify key personnel when system or network problems are detected. IT departments can use features such as rotational scheduling, tiered escalation groups, and cascading notifications.

The Web services API is built to SOAP-compliant XML J2EE standards and is fully documented with code examples, enabling users to quickly prototype and deploy notification. It provides Web services for machine-to-machine interaction. Any client application that can submit SOAP-compliant Web services requests can access the Intelligent Notification platform through Web services. It also includes objects for notification, response, recipient management, scheduling and administration.

Use the SDK to add robust, reliable communication to your applications to enhance functions like business continuity and disaster recovery, CRM, ERP, HR, ITSM, supply chain logistics and transportation.

The SDK lets you:

  • Add Intelligent Notification to applications:
    • Text-to-speech voice messaging in multiple languages, instant call bridging, hierarchical role-based permission setting, message topic subscription and filtering
    • Recorded voice, rotational schedules, tiered escalation, cascading notifications and multiple response options
    • Deliver notifications to groups of hundreds of thousands of people, wherever they are, via cell phone, landline, SMS, email, pager, fax, TTY and BlackBerry Messenger
  • Choose your integration tool – Integrate notification with existing systems by using the API or command line option.
  • Develop with support – Complete documentation gives you code examples for all features with on-call support available from the MIR3 engineering team.

Note that all features are not available in every configuration. Please contact a sales person to determine the best feature set for your organization.