Send And Receive Important Mobile Notifications With Intelligent Notification Mobile

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Intelligent Notification Mobile

Send And Receive Important Mobile Notifications

The mobile way to send and receive important messages

Lets dispersed workers send, receive and respond to alerts, join conference calls and be tracked to GPS locations all from a mobile app.

Intelligent Notification Mobile lets smartphone users create and send alerts, including recorded voice messages, to pre-defined groups or individuals directly from a mobile application on their phone. If they have created templates, they can quickly find the most appropriate one for the occasion. Reports can be viewed in real time making it easy to gauge the success of a notification.

mobileapplanding_screenshots2Intelligent Notification Mobile lets users:

  • Create easy-to-use templates or unique messages in seconds
  • Send alerts to pre-defined groups or individuals from a smartphone
  • View delivery and response reports as they come in
  • Join a conference call with one touch; if dropped, rejoin with a touch
  • Locate recipients with GPS to direct to safety or to take action
  • Respond to an alert with one touch, without keying in a code or typing
  • Unlike phone or SMS messages, push notifications are sent and received at no charge.

Intelligent Notification Mobile is ideal for travelers. It receives alerts from the Intelligent Notification platform over mobile data networks or over Wi-Fi, so when users don’t have coverage through local providers, they’ll still receive alerts. The mobile app works across all major platforms and has a simple, friendly interface to make it easy to get alerts and respond quickly, and notifications are easily stored and retrieved.

When a mobile user answers an alert, their GPS location can be detected and returned with their response, making it easy to locate those who may be traveling or at another location. In the case of an emergency, this can help decision makers determine who is in the path of danger, who can offer assistance, and who should be directed to safety. To get a recipient’s attention and increase the rate of response, the application’s icon can be branded with a company’s name and logo.

For more information, read the Intelligent Notification Mobile App FAQ.