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Geo-Targeted Emergency Notification With GIS

Geo-targeted notification

Notify only those in specific regions or those that may be in the path of danger using a geographic information system.

Not all emergencies or events are widespread, and in many cases, sounding the alarm across a broad area when only a specific group needs to be alerted can do more harm than good.

For instance, a business that is located on the Gulf Coast may want to alert local facilities of a developing hurricane, but may not want to distract operations with frequent alerts in non-threatened areas. Larger corporations that have offices in many locations often have information that is only relevant to employees within a specific region. And cities or counties must be able to target alerts to people in specific zones for outage announcements, pandemic alerts or to initiate evacuations.

The geographical information service (GIS) adds the ability to better target emergency notifications through the Intelligent Notification platform. This allows you to send alerts and direction to just the people you want to notify within a specific area. The GIS uses familiar mapping software from Google along with intuitive mapping tools to determine who may be in a region of concern so you can notify them when needed. Recipients can respond, and their responses are automatically plotted on the map, making it easy to track their geographic distribution. Only authorized users can initiate a notification and track responses, protecting the privacy of all recipients.

GIS provides:

  • Familiar Google Maps format with easy-to-use features like full zoom and panning
  • Intuitive map selection tools that make it easy to determine the region of impact and the reach of your alert
  • Map groups that help select recipients based on location
  • Map reports to track the distribution of responses as they roll in
  • Access to public or proprietary overlays that show weather patterns, topography, vegetation, underground pipeline systems and flood plains

Note that all features are not available in every configuration. Please contact a sales person to determine the best feature set for your organization.