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Mass Notification Software Account Portal

Customizable quick registration portal

The easy way for users to keep profile information current and ensure accurate delivery of notifications.

A continuing challenge facing organizations is keeping the corporate contact database up to date. Employees can change roles, responsibilities and locations, making it hard to keep contact information current. Contractors, temporary workers and guests may also need to be notified, so their contact information needs to be captured and maintained as well. By providing an easy way for stakeholders to enter and update their own information, companies can reduce the administrative burden of collecting information while increasing the accuracy of the database.

Account Portal is a customizable, hosted, Web-based mass notification software portal that provides organizations with a simple, intuitive method for users to enter and maintain their profile information. It eliminates the need for integration into complicated HR and ERP back-end systems, providing an uncomplicated and straightforward mechanism for students, employees, visitors and vendors to receive important organizational information that may affect them, whether on or off the grounds of your facility.

Account Portal provides:

  • A Web-based portal to allow users to update information from any Internet-enabled computer
  • Customization to fit the unique needs of each organization
  • Secure login and authentication lets users manage passwords and comply with security guidelines
  • Consistent formatting of data, no matter who enters it
  • Choice between required and non-required fields
  • Data validation of fields to reduce typographical errors
  • Seamless database sharing with Quick Alert
  • Contact data entered with DataSync automatically augments that entered with Account Portal

Note that all features are not available in every configuration. Please contact a sales person to determine the best feature set for your organization.