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Mass Notification Products

MIR3 mass notification products enable you to easily notify groups—from one to thousands—of business interruptions, product updates, downtime, surveys, pending disaster or simply for day-to-day communication.

Mass Notification Products

Today’s businesses count on rapid two-way mass notification to deliver their most important messages. Traditional methods, like manual email blasts, call trees and phone banks are slow and resource-intensive. Our mass notification products make it easy to communicate quickly with mobile employees, partners and customers.

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    Intelligent Notification

    Emergency and Mass Notification Solution

    Effective notification, whether it’s being used for business continuity and disaster recovery or to enhance efficiency, involves more than just sending a one-way alert. Recipient response provides information when you need it most.

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  • TelAlert

    Notification for IT Alerting

    Trigger a notification whenever an event requires action, helping to quickly resolve problems and reduce the risk of missing critical issues. Rather than dedicating resources to monitoring, your IT team can focus on other tasks.

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