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Notification Webinars

Notification Webinars

Join us for two exciting new notification webinar series: Notification 101 and MIR3 University. These information-packed, 30-minute webinars are led by experts who will answer many of the most common notification questions. Choose the series that suits you best, or join in on both.

MIR3 University is for those who are familiar with automated notification and are interested in increasing their expertise.

What Makes MIR3 Different

Effective notification involves more than just sending a one-way alert. You must be able to quickly determine who needs to know what, and your message must be adapted as your contacts respond. Join our webinar and we’ll show how MIR3 excels at defining role-based permissions to grant or restrict access, along with other industry-leading features.

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Notification 101 is designed for individuals who may be new to automated notification system and are interested in learning more.

Why You Need a Notification System

If you’re wondering if your organization needs an emergency alerting system, the answer is simple; it probably does. Find out why in this information-rich webinar that shows the value of a good notification system, and how virtually any organization, whether for profit or non-profit, can benefit by having a way to reach out in times of crisis as well as for everyday business operations.

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