University of Pennsylvania Real-Time Drill

Watch and learn how administrators at the University of Pennsylvania have used and adapted notification technology for over eight years to alert faculty, staff, students and guests when an urgent message must be delivered.

Why MIR3?

The MIR3 philosophy is one of partnership. Our representatives act more as consultants than sales people, working closely with you to find the solution that’s best for your organization. We focus on establishing a working relationship that will last and providing products that will grow as your company grows. Besides offering the best notification solutions on the market, we offer a full line of professional services to assist in providing solutions to suit your needs, and our world-class support team is available to you around-the-clock.

About MIR3

MIR3 is the premier provider of Intelligent Notification and response software for business operations, including crisis management, IT service management, corporate communications, customer relations, supply chain management, event management, or any area that needs reliable two-way notification for groups from one to many thousands.

MIR3 Makes Notification a Breeze for ImpactWeather

Severe weather is the number-one cause of business disruption and often strikes without warning. That’s why hundreds of companies worldwide rely on the meteorologists at ImpactWeather to provide advance warning of weather threats. Watch and see how Intelligent Notification from MIR3 helps ImpactWeather deliver precise, up-to-the minute information so clients can act fast to protect their businesses.