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Intelligent Notification

Intelligent Notification
For your most important messages
Today’s businesses count on rapid two-way notification to deliver their most important messages. This helps to smooth operations, ensure personal safety and allow for the sharing of critical information quickly and reliably on a wide variety of communication devices.

The future of notification

  • Do you know the best way to reach a person or group of people at any given moment?
  • In critical situations, can you quickly and easily communicate vital information to hundreds or thousands of people?
  • Do you have a notification platform that can receive and analyze possibly thousands of responses?

As businesses rely on a wider variety of communication technologies—like email, landline phone, cell phone, VoIP, satellite phones, text messaging, fax and more—they have to find a way to communicate quickly with mobile employees, partners and customers. Traditional methods, like manual email blasts, call trees and phone banks are slow and resource-intensive.

Intelligent Notification helps you:

  • Easily alert individuals on any number of devices and in multiple languages
  • Give recipients multiple ways to respond to notifications
  • Automatically log and tally responses from all message recipients
  • Track activity with real-time and archived reports
  • Reach critical players with flexible scheduling and escalation
  • Add notification capabilities to your existing systems
  • Ensure continuity of communication with a fault-tolerant infrastructure

Notification Solutions by Product

Intelligent Notification software products let you notify the people you need to, when you need to, on the communication devices they choose, and get their responses quickly. Intelligent Notification is a reliable mass notification solution, used to ensure the success of business continuity and disaster recovery plans. TelAlert is an advanced two-way notification system built to integrate with IT service management (ITSM) and network monitoring system (NMS) applications. Echo for Salesforce can send notifications to any number of leads and contacts right from within Salesforce.

Notification Solutions by Use

Intelligent Notification technologies from MIR3 help organizations of all sizes and in all industries bridge the gap between people and information. Whether it’s emergency notification, business continuity and disaster recovery, IT alerting, critical business operations, or CRM notification, Intelligent Notification helps you reach your people when you need to.

Notification Solutions by Industry

Explore Intelligent Notification solutions for financial services, energy, healthcare, education and government, information technology, logistics, retail and manufacturing, entertainment and hospitality.