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Mass Notification for IT

Mass Notification for IT
TelAlert uses Intelligent Notification technology to help you spend less time monitoring systems and processes, letting you focus you and your team’s attention on other important tasks.
Your IT team is responsible for keeping the technology and processes of your business flowing all day, every day.

When systems fail or problems linger, the lag in productivity, interrupted service, or missed service level agreements add up to a waste of time and money.

To keep systems working smoothly you need a way to quickly alert the staff that can fix problems and keep processes running smoothly.

But that’s not always easy in today’s world of mobile workers and remote offices where reaching the right people can be time-consuming, inefficient and frustrating.

TelAlert simplifies ITSM alerting by reaching the people that you most need to reach when problems come up, no matter where those people may be and by every means possible, including landline phone, smart phone, fax, email or some other device. Notifications can be triggered whenever an event—like a power outage, weather threat or terrorist act—requires action, improving your team’s level of service while maintaining uptime.


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