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Mass Notification For Manufacturing & Supply Chain

Manufacturing and supply chain must focus on the customer, but also have information easily available to business partners. How can these businesses use Intelligent Notification to maintain a competitive edge?

  • The credit card server of an online clothing store crashes during heavy sales; IT staff must be notified to fix it quickly
  • A top toy manufacturer discovers that children are choking on a new toy; stores must be alerted and product must be recalled immediately
  • A major electronics retailer is informed that a shipment has been delayed; stores must be alerted
  • A chemical spill occurs in your plant; you need to notify and gather a crew of maintenance workers to clean it up fast
  • Customers are waiting for news of a product release; they must be notified when the launch date slips
  • Your marketing team develops a rare, limited-time offer; you want to let prestige customers know at once

Retail, manufacturing, and supply chain management all have a focus on the customer, and can use mass notification to maintain a competitive edge.


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