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Mass Notification For Public Safety

Police, fire fighters and emergency management personnel have a unique responsibility to protect the public under threat. How are these professionals using Intelligent Notification to respond quickly when danger threatens?

  • A suspect has barricaded himself in a retail store and may be holding hostages; SWAT teams must be mobilized for immediate response
  • A wildfire is rapidly approaching a densely populated residential area; fire fighters are on the scene and all residents must be evacuated
  • An emergency requires at least six extra employees and volunteers to respond to an incident location; many responders have just left for lunch
  • An earthquake strikes; authorized city leaders need to alert first responders and, separately check in and update municipal employees at all locations
  • A company needs extra workers. By integrating notification with schedules, they notify a group or person at a time until positions are filled
  • Citizen contact data and preferences change frequently; Account Portal lets them edit their own information and subscribe to alerts

Learn how police, fire fighters and emergency management personnel are using mass notification to respond quickly when danger threatens by downloading the Lacey Fire District case study.

Case Study

Case-Studies-IconDownload the Lacey Fire District Case Study

Find out how Intelligent Notification helps Lacey Fire District quickly and reliably respond to emergencies.

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Data Sheet

Data-Sheets-Icon-greenDownload the Notification for Public Safety Data Sheet

See how public safety personnel effectively use notification.

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