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Mass Notification System For IT Alerting

Every moment of lag or downtime has an impact on your bottom line. How are IT organizations around the world using IT alerting to keep systems running smoothly?

  • The network goes down over a holiday weekend; on-call IT staff must be quickly alerted and mobilized to fix the situation
  • A manufacturer of sensitive equipment is suffering a heat wave; experts need to join a call to discuss amelioration plans
  • A large tech company is having problems tracking help desk tickets through to completion; they need a reliable feedback system
  • An IT manager suspects that the staff has been slacking on the job; he needs a way to track workload and make staff accountable
  • The website behind a large electronic retailer goes down; an IT team must be alerted and assembled to resolve the problem
  • Managers are clogging inboxes with too many messages; notifications need to be filtered to relevant staff only

MIR3 mass notification technology can help your company spend less time monitoring systems and processes and more time on other important tasks.


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