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Mass Notification For Healthcare

The field of healthcare is broad, covering pharmaceuticals, equipment, hospitals, nursing homes and much more. How is healthcare using Intelligent Notification to keep this huge system working at all levels?

  • A large HMO has changes to billing codes and procedure guidelines; providers must be notified at once
  • A clinic is faced with a sudden infectious disease outbreak; they must tap into their network for additional vaccine supplies
  • A pharmacy chain is struggling against tough competition; business processes must be streamlined to maintain their edge
  • The health department gets reports of a highly contagious disease; action must be taken quickly to prevent transmission
  • An earthquake strikes and thousands are injured; local hospitals must quickly notify staff to deal with the influx of patients
  • A major disaster overwhelms a large hospital; they need an immediate bed, staff and supply count to respond quickly

Hospitals, healthcare institutions, and pharmaceutical companies can use mass notification to help keep their massive systems working at all levels.

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Find out how automated alerts help hospital systems and medical facilities communicate.

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