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Mass Notification For Entertainment & Hospitality

Entertainment and hospitality teams must be organized, no matter how chaotic things may be behind the scenes. How are they using Intelligent Notification to ensure a great experience for their customers?

  • An event company is producing a music festival; they must be able to communicate with staff throughout the two-day show
  • A large casino is experiencing difficulties with monitoring cameras; security and dealers must be discretely notified
  • A fire breaks out in the parking lot of a hotel; security must be alerted to direct guests and preserve order
  • A hotel chain needs help managing work schedule changes; staff must be notified and located for last minute substitutions
  • A bomb threat is called into a resort hotel; emergency response services and staff must be alerted and mobilized
  • A resort is seeking a way to notify travel agents of limited-time offers; they need a way to gauge interest and response quickly

Mass notification can help entertainment and hospitality teams stay organized, ensuring a great experience for their customers no matter what.


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