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Mass Notification For Energy

The world has never been as focused on the acquisition and management of energy as today. How are energy suppliers using Intelligent Notification to provide safety, security, and continuity to their operations?

  • A power company prepares to conduct maintenance; customers must be alerted of impending outages
  • A Gulf Coast refinery is threatened by a hurricane; dispersed employees must be alerted and directed
  • A gas distributor experiences pipeline failure; cleanup and repair crews must be notified and mobilized quickly
  • A chemical manufacturing plant suffers a hazardous waste spill; nearby residents must be alerted
  • An energy company is about to migrate over to a new networking system; employees must be kept up to date
  • An earthquake strikes; an energy company needs to check in with employees at various plants to assess damages

Energy producers and utility companies consistently rely on mass notification systems to help keep energy flowing safely and securely.

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See how the energy industry uses notification to keep their complex systems running smoothly

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