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Mass Notification For Education

College campuses carry a singular burden of responsibility in protecting the lives of students, staff and faculty. How are some of them using Intelligent Notification to effectively mass communicate with a very mobile community?

  • A bomb threat is called into a college dormitory; emergency services must act quickly to protect students
  • A chemical spill takes place on the edge of campus; students must be notified to evacuate a large area quickly
  • An infectious disease breaks out; students must be alerted to take precautions and seek help if infected
  • The campus office gets a call about a suspicious character lurking near the dorms; security must be directed to that location
  • Passwords are increasingly being lost; students need a way to retrieve and reset them from wherever they are
  • One college has five campuses; they must have a way to reach students or staff at all locations by phone, cell, email or SMS
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