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Mass Notification for Business Operations

Mass Notification for Business Operations
Intelligent Notification has evolved beyond emergency alerting to become an invaluable tool for improving workplace productivity and communication.
When most people think of notification, they think emergency.

But smart business people are finding out there are many times where the speed, flexibility and reporting of Intelligent Notification can work to enhance day-to-day operations, productivity and continuity.

Intelligent Notification lets you send a notification to almost any group of people at once and allows for immediate, individual response. Whether by SMS, email, landline, mobile phone or fax, Intelligent Notification will let you quickly alert groups of any size with an automatic audit trail of delivery and response.

Intelligent Notification can be invaluable in managing large projects and integrations, and can improve customer service by providing up-to-the minute notifications about disruptions, supply fluctuation and even product recalls.

Interruptions like power outages can be dealt with before they become an inconvenience, and severe weather alerts can be delivered to direct employees to work from home or alternate locations that day. Even legal notifications can be documented and recorded, and changes in work schedules can be communicated easily.


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