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Many of the world’s most recognized companies, like those of the Global Fortune 100, trust MIR3 to provide reliable, effective notification services

Leading the Way in Notification Technology

MIR3, an ECN company, is the premier provider of Intelligent Notification and response software for business operations, including crisis management, IT service management, corporate communications, customer relations, supply chain management, event management, or any area that needs reliable two-way notification for groups from one to many thousands.

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For over a decade, the MIR3 team has led the industry in providing easy-to-use, advanced and reliable emergency mass notification technologies to companies and organizations just like yours. Small companies, global corporations, government agencies and educational institutions use our technology to quickly reach any number of people, anywhere in the world. This reduces the time to manage emergencies, saving lives and property, reducing IT downtime and gaining efficiency across the enterprise.

Many of the world’s largest and most recognized companies, like those of the Fortune 100 and Global Fortune 100, trust MIR3 to provide reliable, effective notification services, including:

  • 3 of the top 4 global energy companies
  • 4 of the top 10 US financial institutions
  • 7 of the top 10 insurance providers
  • 4 of the top 5 US pharmaceutical firms
  • 4 of the top 6 US food production services

  • The top 3 global beverage bottlers
  • Government agencies including the US Department of Housing and Urban Development, CA Correctional Health Care Services, City of New York Fire Department and the US Coast Guard

Whether your industry is healthcare, finance, energy, government, education, transportation or any other, we understand the importance of keeping sensitive data secure and confidential. All interactions with the Intelligent Notification platform use the latest in security technologies to ensure the safety of your information. Many of our customers conduct extensive and costly security penetration testing to ensure there are zero security flaws in our offering. On top of that, we continually deploy rigorous security measures at all levels to protect your private information.

Intelligent Notification technology is designed to meet the unique challenges your industry faces. It makes it easy for designated users to send time-sensitive communications to departmental groups, operational groups, customers, vendors or anyone else based on pre-defined security access, enhancing internal communications during times of disruption.

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