Automated Notification System For ITSM & NMS Applications

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Automated Notification System For ITSM & NMS Applications

Information technology is critical to business and downtime means lost revenue. Maximize uptime with advanced two-way notification built to integrate with IT service management (ITSM) and network management system (NMS) applications.

TelAlertKeep your technology infrastructure and processes flowing all day, every day.
TelAlert uses advanced automated notification technology to simplify the administration of network management, help desk and financial processing systems by automatically launching IT alerts to key personnel. With TelAlert, a notification is triggered whenever an event like an escalated help desk ticket or a hardware failure requires action, helping to quickly resolve problems and reducing the risk of missing critical issues.

TelAlert Advanced
TelAlert Advanced has everything TelAlert has, but makes it easier to manage groups, schedules and reports using a modular, distributed architecture and an intuitive Web-browser GUI. It has its own application database, synchronized to the TelAlert memory-resident database. If the Web application loses connectivity, TelAlert will continue to send alerts. With TelAlert, rather than dedicating IT resources to monitoring systems and processes, your team can focus on other tasks.

While powerful, TelAlert Advanced is also easy to use. Its intuitive interface lets you:

  • Plan and monitor the entire notification process
  • Designate personnel and groups
  • Create detailed on-call schedules including holidays and vacations across multiple time zones
  • Implement escalation plans to avoid delays caused by staff that can’t respond immediately
  • Keep track of all events in progress

To upgrade to TelAlert Advanced, please contact us or call +1-858-724-1281 or +44 (0) 20 3178 2398.

Try TelAlert today, and learn more here:

  • TelAlert Gateway
    A SaaS component that delivers messages via MIR3 notification servers to TTS, SMS and PIN-2-PIN recipients, increasing TTS delivery throughput and allowing for call-bridge functionality. 
  • RBA Integrator
    A run book automation tool to add notification technology to existing applications for two-way communication and streamlined integration with major ITSM.
  • Failover Support Module
    Lets you synchronize one or more secondary TelAlert servers with a primary server.
  • Custom Role Permissions
    Lets administrators create roles and control access to almost every screen, data element and function, making it possible to give users access to just the areas they need to do their job.
  • Rapidly integrate with your ITSM software
    Integrates out-of-the-box with leading ITSM platforms and can rapidly integrate with additional platforms with the RBA Integrator.
  • Maintain 24/7 coverage
    Create detailed schedules for all personnel and their devices, with regular and on-call work hours, vacation days and holidays.
  • Decrease time to resolve issues
    Design flexible escalation strategies to minimize the time it takes to locate someone who can immediately resolve an issue.
  • Contact various devices on any carrier
    Notify personnel on any number of devices regardless of what carrier they’re on, including mobile phones, landlines, pagers and emails.

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